The Sound of the RJC10

The most important part of any amplifier is the sound and we want you to know what sound you are getting when you purchase a Yellow Rose RJC10.  So take a listen and hear exactly what you can expect!


12AX7 Side at 1/4 Volume


EF86 Side at 1/4 Volume


12AX7 Side at 1/2 Volume


EF86 Side at 1/2 Volume


12AX7 Side at 3/4 Volume


EF86 Side at 3/4 Volume

For all the audio recordings, we set the amplifier tone to 7, guitar tone to 10, and guitar volume to 10.

These recordings were done close mic'd with an SM57 on the center of a 16 Ohm WGS Black and Blue alnico speaker.